Epilogue to dessert


By Tina Cleveland lik blog

Jack lined up all his utensils on the table. He had been sure to lay plastic down first in preparation. He didn’t want any splats on the furniture. Neatly spaced out with none touching, he was certainly methodical. He didn’t have a lot of time to prepare. Time was of the essence, but the job had to be done right. He smiled in appreciation of the setting. He had been sure to cover everything, that way there would be no seepage. He listened intently to check for noises, stillness prevailed and so he made one last check that everything was in the right place.

It had been a good evening; in fact, he felt a bit intoxicated even though not a drop of alcohol had touched his lips. It was so unfortunate that she had felt ill and they had needed to cut such a decent evening short and before dessert as well. He hated it when the evening went well, it was almost like rubbing his face in it. Although the promise of a night cap was hardly surprising.

Once they had reached her house and he had given her a tentative kiss at the entrance then the rest was a formality, her blood red lips leaving an indelible stain on his. But then it was cut short by the overwhelming feelings of drowsiness. It was too bad; but he wished her well and picked up the keys, before leaving her to climb into her bed and succumb to the shield of doziness. He sat in his car and pondered the evening. Dessert had not been spoilt; in fact it was looking more edible as the minutes ticked by. He licked his lips in anticipation and picked up the keys he had placed on the seat next to his. Turning the key in the lock he quietly entered her house and set the table ready for her awakening. He sniffed the cold hard steel of the knife before running his tongue along the flat surface of the blade and then proceeded to lay it in its rightful place in the correct order.

He was so intent on making sure everything was precise that he didn’t hear the battering ram make impact with the front door and armed police enter.

“It’s safe for you to come down now miss, the assailant has been apprehended. You may want to stay there just whilst we tidy up though.”

The now fully awake girl sat on the bed and thanked God that the drug had not been as powerful as he had anticipated.

Photo by DDP on Unsplash

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