Be your own magic

By Seden B. Watanabe Link Blog

When I was little, I was labeled as “Shy”/“Introvert”. Since then, I started to feel a bit insecure about myself…wondering., maybe being that way is wrong.

With that low self esteem inside of me, I carried on for years and today when I look at myself, I guess I am very much the same little kid who used to avoid loud chit chats in a room full of strange adults. Especially during family dinners and gatherings, I was the happiest when I sneaked out to my granny’s backyard to savour the sweet birdsongs, chasing the delicate yet pretty & colorful butterflies who I thought were much friendlier and tons of wildflowers whispering to me “it’s okay to be the way you are”. This is how and where I spent most of my time wondering…

Instead of playing “pleasing people” , I preferred getting lost into the world of books and fairytales & felt even better with some pitter patter on old tin roof tops.

One of the most comforting things for me was to watch my grandma feed her chickens while they joyfully came running after her. Such little moments meant the world to me then, and even now… I wouldn’t trade something like that for anything-else in this world.

As I grew older, I came to realize that being yourself is absolutely alright no matter what people say about you and I’ve also learned that “Self-acceptance” is the most essential key to enrich your life. It’s like adding a healing potion of positivity into your mind and soul.

At this moment in time, I can proudly say that never have I felt so comfortable and sheltered with the way I am today. I believe everyone is blessed with their own unique abilities to express themselves and that is why being “different” is so beautiful.

Today, I am the kind of person who does not mind being around people, but once I’m back into my own nook, I truly appreciate the me time to the utmost because that’s the time when I’m at my best, a lil’ bit funny and a lil’ creative, so full of love and some curiosity and sometimes….the most vulnerable too!

Lastly, I’d like you to know that it’s okay to take time to discover yourself and not let any hindrances spoil your journey & once you get there, make sure you embrace every part of it, both perfect and imperfect, because that is when you’ll enjoy being you… “The special YOU”.

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