The Miracle of Water


The Miracle of Water by Masaru Emoto


by Manuela Timofte

This book is a message from the water given to us by Dr Masaru Emoto whose name does not accidentally mean «the source of the river”.

Water has its memory and has an impact on our lives and our world.

– Dr Masaru Emoto
Title : The Miracle of Water
 Author : Dr Masaru Emoto
 Initially published : March, 2007
 Genre : Spirituality, Science, Self-Help, New Age Mysticism

Probably we all know that water is indispensable to life.

Dr Masaru Emoto explains in this book how words with their vibration can influence water. That’s because words are vibrations, and our bodies having water, will feel what we are transmitting. Therefore, the way we use words has a strong influence on the way we live.

The energy of words is reflected in the formation of crystals, and depending on the words used, the crystals are beautiful or not. The experiments show that water exposed to words from any language, but with the same meaning will form crystals with similar appearances. Water is 70% of our body, and it influences us, because it takes on the energy of words. If we expose to positive words, we have health and well-being, while negative words have negative effects and even destructive influences.

From thousands of photos taken to the crystals, the most beautiful are those exposed to the words “love and gratitude”. This book focuses on «love» (what we give) and gratitude (what we receive), words with the most important form of energy we have on earth.

The ancient people were much more in harmony with nature than we are and knew how to listen to it.

– Dr Masaru Emoto

It is time for us to learn to listen to nature, too. We have the power to change the words we use, and we should start with ourselves.

We all can change the role of water for the better in our lives and fight for healthy water on the planet. Also, we should not see ourselves differently and the world we live in. We are all «one» with the vibration of the universe.

Knowing that all words come from the vibrations of the universe should help us to see that we are all one and the same.

– Dr Masaru Emoto

A beautiful book and fascinating photos!

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Photos credit: Pixabay & Pinterest

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