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And there they were; the two sisters; Evil and Innocence.

One sister sported black, from top to bottom, and like a stray cat, preferred the closeness of the ground, which is why she crawled, crouching about. Her black hair hung around her neck in hideous knots. Her raspy voice mumbled under her musty breath.

No one sought to realize what evil deeds she might carry out in the blackest of nights, as long as it was not they, themselves, who got caught in her horrid grasp. The town called her, Evil.


The other sister, called Innocence, wore soft pastel colors, and her step was so light that some imagined she had angel’s wings fastened to her back, keeping her afloat just above the ground. When the warm sun’s rays bowed down, golden-blond ringlets danced about her head, as if to form a shimmering halo.

Her voice was dainty, like a harpsichord, and could intoxicate the most savage of beasts into a lullaby. No one bore witness to what great and splendid deeds she might gift to the needy, but they imagined that her very presence alone brought healing to all whom her life touched.


No one in town ever bothered to look below the surface at the truth before giving these two sisters their names, Evil and Innocence. Gossip spread everywhere about the hideousness of Evil in her haggard black garments, and ugly knotted hair.

Likewise, rumors danced up and down the streets of Innocence’s purity, delicacy, and magnificence, not to mention the comforting smile in which she graced each soul with whom she came in contact.


Only the sisters themselves perceived the reality behind each other’s appearance; but Evil was too humble to speak out, and Innocence, full of pride, would never disclose the truth. So, onlookers were never the wiser in realizing that the sisters were not what their given names implied.

“Evil” wore the same black clothes every day because she gave away the best garments to her sister in whom she loved.Shedid not walk upright as others because she had many injuries from the whippings and beatings donned by her father, as a child, when she took the blame for her sister’s destructive behavior.

Of course, because of these same injuries, she had trouble raising her arms for any length of time and could not give her hair proper attention. And she traveled about only at nighttime, and never during the day, because of the other’s hate which hailed down on her like sharp daggers of ice. Keeping her head facing downward, she never bore a smile because the town branded her as Evil.


Now, Innocence was so stunning because she stole monies and valuables from others to keep up with the demands of her vanity- her perfect hair and elegant attire. Her smile she flashed to everyone was a mask which hid her natural wickedness and sadism. Everyone loved her, and she knew it.

Had people not judged the sisters with such biased haste, perhaps they would have discovered that between these two sisters, Evil was innocence, and Innocence was evil.


Appearances can not always judge evil and innocence. Sometimes we need to look deeper into what is behind people’s words, actions, or behaviors. Though discernment is important in keeping ourselves safe, we should put judgement into God’s All-Knowing Hands.

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