Interview to Tina Cleveland


Q : What would you like to read in Gobblers?
A : Definitely more short stories of any genre —speak Tina.

This answer from Tina Cleveland has made me reflect, from now on she will publish more a short stories. You are invited to send them to

J. re crivello Editor-in-Chief

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Q : Do you have a favorite book? If so, which one?
A :.The Key by Kathryn Hughes

Q : Do you have a favorite author? If so, who would it be?
A : Kathryn Hughes

Q : Since when have you been writing? Did you have any previous intuition that you’d become a writer?
A : I started writing about 20 years ago when I started a writing course, then children came along and I put my writing on hold. I have dabbled ever since but only decided to take it seriously during lockdown. Ali Flind of Enterprising Writers set a challenge #WRITE2021, meaning you have to write 2021 words a week which has really motivated me.

Q : Literature and gender. Could you give me your opinion ?
A : I like anything apart from fantasy. Fiction, non fiction, tragedy, love, chic lit, I’m easy to please. Recently I’ve been into books that have more than one timeline. It is always nice to see how they come together at the end with an element of surprise.

Q : Self-publishing vs publisher: what would you opt for? Why?
A : I have considered both, at the moment I am thinking publisher, but with only one book in the offering at the moment, once that is completed I am going to try for number 2 before making a decision. The author Kathryn Hughes told me that publishers like you to have completed two books.

Q : How much time do you devote to writing? Do you regard self-preparation (prior to writing) as something relevant for writing?
A : I usually write for about 45 minutes in the morning when no one else is about and then a couple of hours in the afternoon. That is since we’ve been on lockdown but once normality resumes, I may not be able to complete quite so much. I do like to prepare beforehand and have some idea what I am going to write, otherwise I tend to procrastinate.

Q : What advice would you give to novel authors?
A : Enjoy the journey, set goals to work towards but it’s not all about finishing a book.

Q : What are your current and short-term literature projects ?
A : I am writing a book about a bank robbery but still try to entwine a couple of short stories in to keep my interest in.

Q : What would you like to write for Gobblers?
A : A few more short stories, although I have dabbled in poetry (only the rhyming kind though) as I used to be into tiebreaker competitions

Q : What would you like to read in Gobblers?
A : Definitely more short stories of any genre


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