The Crystal Glass

by Daniela Topîrcean

He had held the glass
full of a golden drink in his hand,
he had drunk the entire content almost unknowingly
and in the end, he crowned everything
with a slightly dissatisfied plash
because the wine had not been absolute as he had wished.
He did not suspect that in the drops he had tasted
and dripped lightly on his dusty coat,
an acacia-scented flower cried
in the night of endless love. …

The glass in his dirty corn hand 
was made from a crystal with delicate inlays,
too fine to see them with his tired mind.
for after the thirst of the body was quenched,
indifferently, the drunk hit it hard
of a stone slab,
breaking the priceless crystal glass
into thousands of shards!

Photo by Marco Schroeder from Pixabay 


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