Apple’s March Event 2021

                by Siddharth Chaudhary

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Yes, Apple could hold a Spring Event in March 2021. According to the reports, Apple is set to launch a pretty decent line-up of tech to make the Spring a fruitful season for all the Apple fans and their Apple Ecosystems.

According to the reports, the main highlights of the event will be new iPads and new Airpods. Also, we are expecting the new Apple TV and AirTags to surface in the Apple March event.

Without any further ado, let’s move ahead with the products launching in the Apple March 2021 Event.

iPad Pro 2021 

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The 2021 iteration of the already spectacular tablet is reportedly coming with some worthy upgrades. We’re expecting the iPad Pro 2021 to feature a mini-LED display which will take the now great iPad Pro display to a whole new level. According to some rumours, the 11-inch version of the iPad Pro may miss out on the mini-LED display, but will catch on eventually.

Owing to the perks of a mini-LED display panel, the bezels on the iPad Pro will shrink even further.

On the inside, we expect the iPad Pro to rock A14X chipset, which will be very similar in architecture to the M1 series of Mac processors. Also, the iPad Pro will most likely have a 5G support.

iPad 9th Generation 

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Rumours(via MacRumors) suggests a new, 9th-generation iPad will launch, replacing the current iPad 2020 with a new chipset and a larger 10.5-inch display panel. Also anticipated is a sleeker design that echoes the iPad Air but retains the Lightning port and Home button.

 iPad Mini 6th Generation 

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Reportedly, Apple is also working on a new iPad mini which may launch in March. An 8.4-inch display with smaller bezels is said to debut on the latest iPad mini. The new iPad mini will come with a new processor, supposedly the A13 chipset. Unfortunately, it will not feature a similar chassis redesign to the iPad Air 4 and iPad Pro, with Apple keeping the top and bottom bezels, home button, and Touch ID instead.

AirPods Pro 2

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As per the reports, the AirPods Pro 2 will be a decent upgrade to the existing AirPods Pro. The upcoming AirPods Pro 2 will take the already great Active Noise Cancellation to a whole new level. The real change will reflect in the form of a new chip, plus a new redesign will chop off the stems and will give the Airpods Pro 2 a more traditional rounded earbuds design.

Airpods 3

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New entry-level AirPods with a shorter stem and replaceable ear tips, more like the present Airpods Pro (without noise cancellation), are also ready to be launched. These will act as a substitute for today’s standard AirPods offered by Apple.


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Reportedly, the AirTags work a lot like other trackers, such as those from Tile. Via the “Find My” app, Apple AirTags will help you find items to which you have attached them. But they may also provide new features such as AR tracking to help you locate them more efficiently, and the ability to identify the missing objects of other AirTags’ users so that you can help return them.

Apple TV 

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The new version of the Apple TV is a long-awaited device, as the current Apple TV has started to lag behind in the competition.

According to the reports, the new Apple TV will rock a new A-series Chipset to make the navigation snappier (and may also support Apple Arcade Gaming). We also hope that the rumours of an easier to navigate remote control will come true, as it’s one of the weak points of the Apple TV.

For all the Apple fans, the year 2021 couldn’t start any better. I am very excited about the launch of all these products, especially the new Mini LED iPad Pro. Let’s cross our fingers and wish that all these reports prove to be right so we can enjoy a great line-up of products from Apple this March.

Main photo: Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

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