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Greetings to all Masticadores readers! I am Storyteller’s Eye (aka Eleonora Zizzi) and today for the first time, guest of this immense and extraordinary reality, I present to you a small part of the magical world of Storyteller’s Eye Word (name of my blog) and I will do it through this article, which I hope you like it. After all, I will leave for the more curious the link to deepen some reading on my blog and why not follow me, leave as a star and constructive comments.

But I don’t intend to linger any longer, so I start to talk about today’s topic.

As can be seen from the title I am a great lover of the paranormal, but also of Romanticism, the Victorian era and everything related to the nineteenth century, topics that will follow in the next articles. Among my various insights into the topic dealt with today, my interest stopped at a strange being, a supernatural entity, around which curious legends revolve.

His name is Azrael, more commonly known as the Angel of Death.

He is one of the most complex and enigmatic figures in the Bible, as well as one of the four archangels mentioned in the latter. Around the macabre figure, perhaps worse than Satan himself, the following legend is told (one of the many versions, but all very similar to each other):

“He is the one who stills movements and separates souls from bodies.

[…] Al A’mash reports that Khaythama said: «The Angel of Death went to Solomon and stared at one of his companions.

When the angel was gone, the man asked: «Prophet of God, who was that?».

Solomon replied: «He was the Angel of Death!».

The man said: «I saw that he was looking at me as if he wanted me.

I would like you to free myself from him, ordering the wind to transport me to the most distant regions of India «. Then Solomon gave the order and he did it.When the Angel of Death returned to Solomon, he said to him: «I saw you watching one of my companions.» The angel retorted: «I was amazed by that man, because I gave the order to grab his soul in the most remote regions of India, a little while ago, while instead I saw him with you!».

(Taken from the work «The wonders of creation and the strangeness of beings» by Zakariyya ibn Muhammad al Qazwini «)

Azrael’s origins seem to come from the Hebrew scriptures and he was recognized as a canonical archangel only by Islam, contrary to other monotheistic religions.

In the Koran we find him expressly mentioned as «Angel of Death» and not with his real name.

He is nothing more than a ferryman of souls, as is also the legendary figure of Charon, but unlike the latter, he does not take souls between the circles of Hell, but rather from the world of the living to that of the dead. His wings and his skin are said to be white with a tendency to brown. His suit is pink with red stripes. To complete her protagonist clothing is a large green cloak, accompanied by a showy red band tied near the hips and a bright yellow turban.

Among the characteristics that distinguish him there are also his incredible physical size and his «weapon», a five-pointed spear, which has a meaning similar to that of the scythe of the «Grim Reaper», more commonly known as the «Death «. But having said that, I depart from the purely legendary theme to arrive at the true paranormal fact. We are in the United States in a clinic for the elderly, it is 2014. For some time this has also been a refuge for a cat.

Well, we often talk about the paranormal qualities of cats and this in particular seems an inexplicable fact. His name is Oscar, a cat that stands out for its thick gray fur and its robust build. For many it is a not very sociable subject, he does not like cuddles and attention, he prefers to stay on the sidelines. Every day he goes around the clinic rooms, but when he climbs into a patient’s bed and crouches next to him, everyone knows the reason: it is as if he were called to accompany the patient on his final journey. In just over a year and a half, the fact has been repeated about 25 times, for this reason many see the cat as the physical incarnation of the Angel of Death. The doctors of the clinic seeing his behavior began to warn relatives as he put them next to a patient. The experts who took the case to heart have tried to give different scientific explanations for this, but even today it remains an inexplicable fact. What do you think of it? Do you believe in the paranormal, in life in the afterlife? Let me know with a comment and if you like the article leave a like. If you want to take a look at my blog you are welcome, we are a big family where equality and respect are sovereign.

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