Unlovable trash… by Bogdan Dragos

Picture taken from Pinterest


there’s plenty of cutesy names to

call one’s children

but his was ‘unlovable trash’

He remembered it from the time he was in the crib

They held him there

for longer than most parents

held their kids in cribs. Though only dad

called him so

because he constantly claimed he wasn’t his

unlovable trash

he had the wrong skin tone

was too pale

with curly orange hair

and freckles

but mom always pretended she didn’t


the words

unlovable trash

she would act as if they were never uttered

and growing up

he thought

unlovable trash was a good thing

thought it was how you show love to your loved


“Mom, you’re unlovable trash.”

she was so happy to hear it

she burst into tears and went into the

kitchen and uncorked a bottle of wine

and drank it all by herself. What an

unlovable trash she was


by the time he could pronounce the lovely


father was no longer in his life

but father too

was an unlovable trash


Visit the author’s blog at: https://drbogdan.home.blog/

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