THE CARESS OF THE NIGHT by Manuel Calderón

The caress of the warm night
mixture our lives, our bodies
how the whispers from the sky mix
I sink into the voluptuousness of your lips
sad, happy, eternal, passenger
guided by the light of your eyes
straight to the kiss waking up the cut moon
A shudder brings us together
in just two words: I love you
turned into an echo of the heart in love
I ecstatically enjoy your vibrant waist
that annihilates my thoughts
without mitigating the cry of the flesh
I feel your chest welded to my chest
in a single throbbing heartbeat
summoning the passion under a muffled clamor
Your shapely legs, firm as an oak,
they tangled to the roots of my inner desires
fantasizing about an endless night
My admiration leisurely and calm
cover your magnificent nakedness
with the innocent touch of your dominant soul
The burned stars will shine again
on the feline pupils
of the infinite night
and I'll look at your dream, I want to be in it,
wrapped in your tender love
which is also mine

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