INOCENT with a single ‘N’… by Bogdan Dragos

Picture taken from Pinterest

Some daughters love their fathers

a bit too much

and their mothers not enough

This father was a cop,

the type that deals with the nasty cases

and he often came home drunk.

Alcohol did help, he said

and drank some more on the couch

and sometimes drank until he passed out

she was thirteen, his daughter

and would constantly nag

him with questions

about work. He didn’t wanna talk about work,

about the gruesome details of

it and all that, but edgy teenagers will be

edgy teenagers

She insisted

and he kept drinking and eventually

passed out on his side

She was excited

took his gun from the holster

and started studying it with passion

turning it on all sides, smelling it,

holding it close

to the face



the bullet got her lower jaw

it was a bloody mess

and she was in pain and gagging on blood

and shards of bone and teeth


to call for help right now

would be wrong.

The whole world would accuse daddy

and he had no fault. And mommy would

reopen the case and

have no problem gaining custody of her

Fuck! This was bad!

This was so bad!

And it was getting worse,

she felt it. Felt close to fainting. Father was still

on the couch. Passed out drunk.

She had to take matters into

her own hands. Shambled

into the kitchen

and grabbed the cutting board from

the table

and dipped a finger in her bloody mouth

and wrote with it on the cutting board



(with a single ‘N’)

She went outside holding the cutting board

and knocked on

the neighbor’s door.


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4 Comentarios Agrega el tuyo

  1. Wow, so dramatic and tragic.

    Le gusta a 1 persona

  2. Dark …but I liked the way you wrote it…..

    Le gusta a 1 persona


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