On a roll by Jorge Aldegunde

Picture by Lee Bretschneider (die portraits) taken from Pinterest

What are the odds, then? Quite as expected, I dozed off while reading through the dense material. I had only fifty minutes left for the test when I woke up. I took five to shower; only two for breakfast. I strode to get to college, which subtracted yet another thirteen from my limited time. All in all, I had to make the most of half an hour. This meant I could only review one out of a hundred assessable topics. I recalled my old zocchiedro –a worn-out 100-sided die best fitted for classic role-play games–, pulled it out and got an eighty-three. The topic was Tenant Law –not the most inspiring–, but I took a chance.

It worked: sad and long faces poured out of the exam room but, guess what, mine wasn’t among them. As I clasped my new amulet, I realised it was long since I had last played the lottery.  And the die rolled again.


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