August break by Gobblers’ editors

Picture by Ovidio Aldegunde

Dear reader,

Time off to turn it on again. This is, in short, what’s all about. It has been a hectic while here in Gobblers putting the pieces together, and thus a break is really appreciated, even when this is far from normal given the COVID-19 circumstances. Little did we expect the panorama would take this dramatic turn so quickly, but such are these strange, pandemic times…

We look forward to bringing back our readers’ attention to fresh new stories to come in September. From Gobblers, we do appreciate the time you’ve devoted to reading our posts. We hope it has been enjoyable for you and that you find this site pleasant and worth a visit.

We also appreciate the quality and dedication of our growing list of authors. In this respect, the challenge we face is that of increasing quality and quantity. Whilst we are working on this aspect, we encourage writers and creators to join us in Masticadores/Gobblers –so please take this as an open call to participate.

As a final word, we’d like to wish you health. Wherever you may be: enjoy holiday, enjoy reading, and stay safe.

Best regards,

Juan Re Crivello & Jorge Aldegunde

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