Yet another red button by Jorge Aldegunde

Picture taken from Pinterest


I think I know the guy: is he not that William from tenth grade? Or maybe it’s Ethan, the newcomer –used to be quite popular not long ago with his fresh New York style–. Things change overnight here at Wayne High School, though. The damn thing is I cannot make him out, really. He’s just lying on the ground –all shrunk, sobbing and covering his head–, facing a storm. In fact, kicks and insults pour on him like endless rain. His bullies are gathering around him forming a circle, leaving barely no gap to get through. Not that the audience seems willing to do anything: everyone is hooked to their smartphones. They look to their screens as if they were watching something that happens far off.

I want to think straight. I should call for some teacher or the janitor to come over. So I grab my phone. Accidentally, the camera menu has popped up. Well, I’ll take a sneak peek before it’s all over. You never know, do you?


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