MasticadoresFocus- Editores: Ana de Lacalle & j re crivello

by Ali El Aallaoui

In recent years, the international community has become increasingly concerned with certain problems that are particularly difficult to identify, because they are infinitely more complex and less easy to solve than the threat posed by military conflicts to international security, pandemics, such as the current COVID-19 that has affected all countries without exception.

With this in mind, the EU has been one of the centres most affected by this COVID-19. A situation that has strained the existence of the EU and revealed the weakness of the risk management system in the face of such a threat, while the EU states isolate themselves and apply local management methods following the will of each State of the EU.

In the current international context, it is important to see how the States of the European Union has reacted to the challenges of the COVID-19, and to what extent we…

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