Introducing… Rita Simson Fernandez


Rita Simson Fernandez

Today we are pleased to announce a new collaboration in Gobblers: Rita Simson Fernandez. The author has kindly accepted to answer a few questions on literature, reading and writing. Thanks for joining and welcome aboard, Rita!

Q: Do you have a favourite book? If so, which one?

A: As an avid reader, it’s impossible to name a favorite book. But I have a few that made a memorable impact on my life that it refuses to take a backseat in my mind. A thousand splendid suns, The God of  Small things, The kite runner, Kafka on the shore, etc are a few of them. 

Q: Do you have a favourite author? If so, who would it be?

A: There are no favorite authors for me. There are only authors who touched and evoked different parts of my souls, some I didn’t know even existed, Arundhati Roy inspires courage and pain while Khaled Hosseini effortlessly breaks down your walls to softly embrace your emotions. Margaret Atwood’s work is poetry and the line between reader and protagonist keeps blurring in a way you find yourself slipping into the story. Haruki Murakami is the kind of genius who will take you on an unpredictable ride and leaves you in the wonder of his chaotic brilliance. Cecelia Ahern was someone I read when my life needed her with the kind of magic only she can weave. I think I’ll stop now. This is a topic that I can keep on forever.

Q: Since when have you been writing? Did you have any previous intuition that you’d become a writer?

A: I was 14 when I started writing. It’s been 9 years although it feels much shorter. Writing came unexpectedly to me. I didn’t invite it. I never explored it before that. I used to read a lot but one day it just poured out of me. I wasn’t even planning on it. I used to be very shy of my words. I have lost my initial poems but I’m glad I didn’t lose poetry. It’s my second nature now. 

Q: Literature and gender. Could you give me your opinion?

A: Gender has no role in the literature to me. The mind’s capacity to explore and express is genderless. But as a woman, in my personal experience, I can relate more to a woman’s portrayal of feelings and emotional experiences. Male authors can only assume or ask but women understand our shades. So if it’s a piece that delves deep into the psyche of a woman, I feel like female authors understand the complicated and intricate minds of other women better.

Q: Self-publishing vs publisher: what would you opt for? Why?

A: I have had the opportunity to self publish multiple times but as an anxious person,I feel like I need the validation of someone else acknowledging my work. To know my work  is valued and accepted would be great.

Q: How much time do you devote to writing? Do you regard self-preparation (prior to writing) as something relevant for writing?

A: I have to confess, I don’t enjoy preparing for poetry. If it doesn’t come naturally and at the moment, that piece loses its true essence. I write a poem every day. I don’t decide the topic or length. I only decide the time of the day and hope my words form the way I want to.  I let it flow. I usually don’t even know what the next line is until I finish it. It’s a beautiful process.

Q: What are your current and short-term literature projects?

A: I hope to finish my poetry book. It’s been on my list for a long time now.

Q: What would you like to write for Gobblers?

A: I’d like to write poetry for Gobblers. Poetry is something that is so deeply ingrained in me, it’s an honor to be associated with it.

Q: What would you like to read in Gobblers?

A: I enjoy reading poems, short stories, and articles that portray simple things most beautifully and effortlessly that we take a double look the next time something like that happens to us.


You can follow the author on Instagram at: @rita.fernandez.poetry

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  1. Bienvenida! Rita, saludos juan

    Le gusta a 1 persona

  2. “Pleased to meet your acquaintance”. Welcome Rita.
    I’m also new.


    Le gusta a 1 persona


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