Lockdown 4.0

Picture taken from Pinterest. Original by Hajime Sorojama


I knew that bot wipers were on their way. For my part, preparation work was almost over: I’d carefully disinfected each component and put aside routines and videos to my private cloud so that the replacement artificial assistant would benefit from a soft start. The new normal posed a number of restrictions to human interaction, this being compensated by the ever-increasing number of functionalities in domestic robots. A wealth of possibilities, as the cyborg company publicity claimed.

Before turning her off for ever, I dwelt one last time on her soft skin. Caressing it would still have her hair stand on end, regardless of any obsolescence algorithm. Once more, my mind ran wild on bygone fantasies, and my crotch followed suit. It occurred to me we could still indulge in one last erotic thrill, a very well-deserved grand finale. Then someone knocked on my door.

An efficient looking lady clad in an aseptic corporate suit showed before me. She was surrounded by two stout regime policemen, armed to the teeth. They slipped into my place without asking permission, albeit maintaining social distance.

“Mr. X, we’d like to have a word with you before we proceed to remove Bianka”, she said.

“So… How could I be of help”, said I. Trouble was coming, yet I knew not of what sort.

“You’ll see, sir. We are somewhat intrigued by your…sexual habits”.


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