YOUR LIFE IN MY LIFE by Manuel Calderon


In the blue spaces of so many nights.
I seek to nest the reasons for happiness.
Inhaling honey from your body in spring.
With my lips skirting your lips.
I am consuming your love
Tangled in the texture of your thin skin.
You were not an ephemeral vision.
Oscilas in the illuminated pollen of my being.
Your dream drips in my long sleep
caressing the color of your tenderness
that comes out of the opening of your fresh breath.
I want to wake up to the edge of your passion.
Listening to the rumor of your excitation.
and my fingers quenching the thirst of your desires.
My eyes sink into the reflection of your eyes.
erasing all vision of sadness at dawn.
Until infinity shudders.
when the magnet embedded in your veins
Drag the essence of my life to yours.

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