Picture taken from Pinterest


I open my legs and wait for you to arrive unnoticed…

Waiting so hard that I start to drain copiously,

I have a huge crater in my lower belly, as if the jugular of my crotch was undergoing a ruthless attack by its worst enemy…

Wish you were here to see you enter through this trembling door of desire …

It is as if the other side came in my search.

It’s hot,

sweat takes over me,

stuck in a huge pool of desire and lustful despair, but I love to feel this way,

feel that despite the passing of the years I do not lose the desire of you.

I masturbate slowly,

I imagine your tongue playing warm with the exact point of my desire,

trembling again,

embraced by the overflowing pleasure that your memories profess me…

I like you,

I like having you, and in the warmest absence imagining you is a delight,

I like to wait for you like this: naked, willing, humid, insatiable and in the correct posture to be attacked by your enormous and rigid existence…


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