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Delivered to the end

seeing the inevitable and unexpected in others,

scrutinizing the morality of the carnally inscrutable.

¿What for?

¿Why should we think about it so much?

¿Why repent if we have refused in freedom?

Waking up our sleeping animals,

overlapping the carnal, denying for moments the implicit sense of the divine,

worshipping the sanctity of the vain, the pagan, and the forbidden.

Succulent delicacies under the sweat of our sexes amid the sweetness of lewdness.

Removing mold, confusing feelings, limited glances and refusing a lot at the end, in the search of the waste of nothing.

Passion is infinite, it is not ignored, it must be felt, choosing how, when, where, and with whom.

¿Who in their seven senses can refuse a naked cock before the eyes of a consensual passion?

¿Who in their seven senses can refuse a vulva that cries tears of just excitement?

Fall in love less and love more everyday…


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