If you don’t want to look at the sky
If you don’t let go to the moon
If you buried the light of your being
so, the anguish has knotted
to the insomnia of your body fainted
melting the crystal of your brain
Run like a river through your blood
looking for the neurons that ceased to exist
in the metamorphosis of your uncertain hours

I can arrive with love in your help
if you let me rescue the tatters of your soul
that they nest in the hardened emptiness of your chest
Shared pain decreases its intensity
If I spread my touch by the edges of your heart
going through the intriguing night cells
would make to flourish your footprints turned into shadows

I could make to speak to your mute reason
dissolving the silence full of absences
When I manage to overcome your misfortunes
you will recover your lost smile
that sleeps at the bottom of your dreams not shared
The dome of your calm will be reflected
in the transparent waters of your memory
Your lips will have the sweetness of honey
knowing that I found, in the opposite direction to your life,
the exit to your brain labyrinth
covered in hieroglyphs that I will be able to decipher