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Starving vulvas,

curious vulvas,

eagerly vulvas,

shy vulvas,

fearful vulvas,

skeptical vulvas, vulvas who do not believe it,

vicious vulvas in the search of the definitive proof of the spark that will leads us to the great fire, to that something different…

cornered fingers, mischievous smiles, women’s in the need of that sweet thing.

Lovers with reduced hours, wondering. Blank claim sheets, unworn pens.

Ladies and gentlemen, the lustful revolution of women has more public allies with very good reputation, proven…

Creations oriented to satisfy the demand without questions,

bed or sofa companions, who even under water make that unique wish come true that at times condemns us:


Full orgasms and unknown explosions, indescribable peaks of pleasure that have displaced promiscuous thoughts to the scolded corner.

Gadgets at low prices, accomplices who land in the right place, at the exact time, and with that effect that alleviates the bustle of monotony.

No more fear of pleasure, succumb or die trying,

No more shame in adulthood, because everything that is felt and lived under the warm touch of adequate intimacy is allowed.

Long stay to the satisfaction and adorable sucking of his caresses,

it’s time to get rid of so much stunned orgasm …

Welcome be wish,

welcome be lust.

Welcome the greatness of the sucker…


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