Holidays were coming to an end, which circumstance would leave him a bittersweet taste in the mouth. He took to reviewing photos, something he found relaxing and shallow. When shooting, he had to be extremely patient with her wife –she hated posing–. The kids though, were very photogenic and always keen to show. Truth be told, he was the perfect paparazzi: there was room for everyone in his camera, but for himself.

He would slip off the frame when anyone came up with the idea of a collective picture and offered himself to shoot again if the result wasn’t good enough.

Presently, he looked around and realised he was solo. Maybe it was a good time to try.

He prepared his Canon for a deferred shot and placed himself at a distance. The flash made him stir a trifle. He checked the enormous LCD screen for facial features: elevated chin, pointy nose, protruding forehead and sunken cheeks would shape up quite as usual.

Feeling miserable, he deleted the image without further thought. Then –as he realised that the old curse was still upon him– he sighed. After all, he was getting used to the emptiness of an eyeless countenance.