Aiden’s parents had their mind set on his boy attending the next Math Olympiad. His tutor tried hard to have them reconsider, for it seemed crystalline to him that the boy’s abilities were more physical than intellectual: he was a high school football star –and that was all he was good at–.

Still, his father would insist relentlessly:

–My lad: there is so much beauty about geometrical shapes: dots, lines and surfaces. With a bit of practice, you’ll soon catch up with Euclid and Descartes!

Aiden was kept in an absolute rapt, albeit he couldn’t really make any sense out of his dad’s words. Other than the rectangular form of a football pitch and the spherical representation of a ball, he had limited abstraction capacity for geometry, plus no brain or interest for such unravelled arcana.

However, he remained thoughtful for a while. At length, he retorted with a serious countenance:

–Father, mother; I’ve just found my vocation: I wanna be a linesman!