824 Purple and gold by Quinny

This week perhaps things wouldn’t work out fine, but I would never have imagined your loss, and instead of facing my everyday dilemmas, today, yesterday, and since I knew you were gone, tears never stop coming. I open my phone and there you are; turn on the radio, and there you are; sit in front of the TV, and there you are, again, and again.

Mamba, I still refuse to believe that you are gone, I still refuse to believe that my dream will never come true. You were the love of my life, and my friend Aurelia everlasting boyfriend to, but you will never know. Watching your games was like a party, because of your brilliant competitiveness. In 1999 my family and I, gambling with pesos, glued to the screen of that old TV on the other side of the globe, dressed in purple and gold. Ten years after, the world ride high with you, diving deep into an Oscar award, with that charming 824, and the love written and produced by yourself for “Dear basketball” the proof retirement would never stop you. So many good things you did for sport, fighting against giant rivals in the basketball court. I touched the sky in purple and gold, you make me scream and you’ll never know; make me smile so many times with your dribbling and your shooting guard. And what about your big white smile!

Mamba, the marvelous Mamba, such a great example of perseverance. As a human you made mistakes, but your name will forever be attached to the word “champion”. Born to pursuit success, you admitted that you weren’t a perfect man, and after the big storm, you face the light and reach Los Angeles scoring board a million times, again, and again. 

I had a dream since I was eighteen and unfortunately it will never come true. I will never touch your hands, or take a picture warmed by your arms, i will always miss you. I wish to find you on the other side Mamba, scoring in the court, or making love to you, who knows. 

Goodbye Mamba, and like always: take good care of Gigi.



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