Dear you.

Here he comes,

his name is passion,

featuring love,

a new beginning,

am awake.

I was waiting for the right moment,

decided to speak out loud and confess,

no more boundaries.

Dear you.

I want you to listen carefully.

My feelings aren’t right according to society, but I don’t care.

Dear you.

the moment is now

no more lies, no more clouds.

Dear you.

Listen to my words.

My feelings for you aren’t right, and I just can’t do this anymore.

Struggling with my feelings,

talking my mind loud, crying,

creeping around like no one knows,

but you took another road.

Struggling with my feelings,

faithful to my bounds,

instead of keeping your ignorant position,

I used to masturbate my desire alone…

Dear you.

Am in love with another man.

He came into my life suddenly,

and I cheated on you consciously,

I needed something else.

When he touches me I can surf the sky.

Dear you.

I never meant to hurt you, but I needed someone to touch me right,

someone that could talk to me and my body differently, but alike,  

this is how I truly feel.

Me and you, you and me,

Dear you.

We’ve fallen so many times,

I wanted to protect you,

I wanted to keep what we had,

but now, there is no going back.

Dear you.

am in love with another man.

I listen to his heartbeat in rhythm with my own,

warming my horny soul,

Dear you.

We refused to say goodbye before,

and there is nothing we can do now

am not rejecting my feelings,

this man is life,

my sex is always yearning his hands,

and when he kisses me, I can feel the trembling of his spine.

Dear you.

Keep safe, say goodbye to our shepherd and the girls from the choir,

tell them I love them, but I love myself more.

Dear you, goodbye.